Captivating, it is such a strange word… So many things can be classified under captivating: emotions, expressions, body movements, face, nature, seeing something, hearing something…

How long does it take for something to become captivating?

Captivating is defined as “capable of attracting and holding interest; charming” (I am guilty of just doing a quick google search to get to this definition)

In the audition world of jobs, a candidate often has only 5 minutes to play a selected material, often behind a curtain. This process is supposed to ensure maximum job equality. Yet it is one of the toughest job interviews I have ever had to go through. How do you become captivating when you are playing for …. a curtain? A very black and frankly, black hole looking curtain…

But I guess this job interview can be the ultimate challenge: if I choose to look at the process as pushing myself to be at my best, to be able to create a captivating sound no matter where or in front of whom I play or for how long…. that will be something I will always have to refine when taking orchestra auditions.

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I am a classically trained musician who can not spend countless hours in the practice room, who sometimes has moments of doubt but who also enjoys life outside of music. If you are interested in learning what I do, how, when, where and why then please follow my journey, as I try to figure out my place in this career field :) xo Ana

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